Never Forget

forget final

Never Forget  those who have made the sacrifice, willing to fight and die for the rights we mostly take for granted. Though they may not always agree with what they have to do. They make the commitment to uphold and defend, and ensure that these colors never run.

Today’s Styling & Places:
U.S. Military Veterans Center     /     NO.MATCH_NO.SUCCESS.   @ MoM     /     FDD Stories *Maedoc beard* v10 RARE     /     [Gos] Custom Eyewear – GOSCAN     /   MINIMAL – Babel Necklace Silver @ MoM /   [AR2 Style] Army Jacket w/o Shirt @ MoM     /     sharp by [ZD] GUY RING SET * @ MoM     /     ED. Rhys Jeans w/ Boots @ MoM     /     !BaaaH! Store – Never Tattoo @ MoM

forgetb final



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