freedomfinal1Freedom – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. That goes a long way in SL especially freedom of expression to be who you want to be,what you want to be,where you want to be, and without having to justify why. Today for me that means the freedom of the open road, and the conquering the obstacles in my path. I hope each and everyone of you are inspired to do the same.

Today’s Styling & Places:

Crossing Sands II     /     Q’s Custom Cycles -Knucklehead Racer     /     Action Inkubator HAIR Thomas     /     AITUI TATTOO – Hairbase 2.0 – My Palms W/ Dust @ TMD     /     [CX] Kunai Earring     /     .random.Matter. – Orianthi Nose Chain          /           = REBELLION = BANDANA HEADBAND          /          = REBELLION = “IGNITE” NECKLACE        /          = REBELLION = “REVENANT” JACKET          /           = REBELLION = “KNOX” BOOTSM.O.M. (avail 2/20)     /     [ kunst ] – Gap ring @ Liason     /     [ kunst ] – Quasar ring @ Liason     /     [AR2 Style] Biker Jeans DARK DENIM     /     *Bolson* – Stregoi


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