patience topPatience is the one thing we never seem to have enough of in our inventory. Weather it’s waiting for that special someone to log in,waiting for your TP to finish, or more often than not waiting for the next shopping event. Well for now the only one i can help you with is the third,enjoy these great offerings from some of Sl finest designers. An don’t forget to use to TP huds !

patience bottomToday’s Styling & Places:

!ndustry   /  The Monarchs – Top Knot Hair   /   AITUI TATTOO – Hairbase 2.0 – Constant Reminder   /     [CX] Kunai Earring   /     .random.Matter. – Orianthi Nose Chain     /     :::Breath:::cold or hot @ Cosmo     /     :::Breath:::DABO pants @ Cosmo     /     [ kunst ] – Gap ring @ Liason     /     [ kunst ] – Quasar ring @ Liason     /     [ kunst ] – Andromeda     /     ::GB::WT_HC_Studs black     /     *Bolson / Ocelot @ TMD


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