Mens Only Monthly – The Mechanic

tool full finalHis hands weren’t smooth nor was his touch gentle.Yet it was his firm callused grip she desired on her chassis. He knew every curve of her smooth body lines, and whenever he bent over her she knew he would have her purring like no one else could. His was the look she craved,a longing to have him under her hood. A master of his craft able to tell just what she needed with but a mere sound from her. She was all his and he was all hers … he was her Mechanic.

tool top finalStyling & Places Top to Bottom:

NO.MATCH_NO.PAST B .     = REBELLION = “LUMEN” SHADES     Unorthodox Vicious (2) (B) Facial Hair     **RE** ReVoX Unleashed Necklace Male      [UrbnW. Bracelet] Vallour Stacked – Black      [CX] Skull Ring (Black)      *Bolson – Frahm     [AB] Plumber Jeans S Charcoal     [ h ] Engineer Boots – Men – Black     Mens Only Monthly


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