The Last Dragon

last dragon stand finalHaving served in Ryūō personal  guard for centuries ドラゴン (Doragon) had seen more than his share of of killing. Now with his master and all his comrades slain, he succumbs to the realization that their time is at an end. It is the dawning of the age of man, and he is the Last Dragon ….

last dragon kneel finalStyling Head to Toe:

[INK] Hair___MENB ::Coal         [europa] Maelus horns BLOOD         PFC~Blood Crown       *katat0nik* (Red) Dragon       [CX] Soldered Armlets (Onyx)     AITUI – Buckled Bracelet     [BODY FACTORY] Dragon Necklace (Dark)     [BODY FACTORY] kizaru Bottom (Red)     [BODY FACTORY] Stark Leather Pants (Black)     [BODY FACTORY] Django Boots (Blk)  ::ZED:: MESH Wrath of Ryu Sword – Red          B*FLY Dragon Samuri Tattoo          [LZbodies] – Alain Shape     Unorthodox Fizz (A) Facial Hair

Events & Locations Used:

Swank Events     The Arcade     The Mens Dept     Sengoku Japan


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