The KegMeister

kegmeister  close finalHe has fought many a battle for your right to party, and is  a veteran of many a kegger and all night rave. The Kegmeister is ever vigilant making sure you hand is stamped or you paid for your wrist band. His shining medals and loaded guns show you he means business. If you see this triple bounce quarter master at your party be sure to show him the respect he has earned.

kegmeister  full finalOutfit :

Cap & Uniform Howl Black Rare , 4 chest medals & leg holster Howl Commons – ARCADE

Glasses GunShoot – REDGRAVE     Gunholster- Tabou Irresistable     Engineer Boots- Hoorenbeek

Props :

Surfboard and Pose- Le PoppyCockMOH6     Palm Tree Bar- NOMADMOH6  Beer Kegs- The Odd Eyed Cat


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