Savos The Summoner

summclose final“Savos Aran… that is my name” he had to remind himself , yet it seemed like forever since anyone called him that. Nowadays he went by many names sorcerer,wizard,metal alchemist, and summoner; Yes that was name he liked best “Summoner”. Once again he found himself alone in his eternal task of Good vs Evil, This time locked in battle with the Lich Xoph of Talevin. Why me he asked himself. why was I chosen? Was it Luck, Karma, or just some cruel Twist of Fate that had brought him here to this moment. Then the memories of that climactic day came flooding in like a torrent.

summ ann full finalIt had been almost 144 years to the day since he left his home on Erebos. Tired of life of farming and raising livestock he sold all he owned and headed to the the city of his dreams, the one he had heard so much of since childhood to make his fortune. The gambling river-town of Arcadia. It wasn’t long after he set foot ashore that he found himself in the Remarkable Oblivion dice house. He had been winning all night when the owner Sebastian Thorns bid Savos to accompany him into the back room.”You have cleaned me out” said Sebastian, “and that simply will not do”. “These two artifacts have been in my family longer than I can remember”. “They are yours in exchange for all you have won, and your vow never to return to this city again”.He looked down seeing the shimmer Orb of Warding and gleaming Staff of Elements for the first time, nodded in agreement took his bounty and left. And that is were his life changed forever….


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