Month: September 2015

Good News Travels Fast

news final2Today’s Styling & Locations:

The News Stand      Uber      The Fantasy Collective      Besom – Sweet Leaf      * S O R G O – TETSUO      FDD Stories *Maedoc beard* v10 RARE      UC – Squares of life blazer & Pants Gray      ::GB:: Studs Boots Black


The Journey

As September draws to a close I pause to reflect on the lessons I have learned, and look forward with anticipation to what the coming season has in store for me.

hike finalToday’s Styling & Locations:

The Road Less Traveled              Mens Only Monthly              The Fantasy Collective          *~*Damselfly*~*Rafe        = REBELLION = “LUMEN” SHADES     FDD Stories *Maedoc beard* v10 RARE     ::GB:: cross catena necklace_Black     ::GB:: pudding vest in tank_gray          ::TI:: Hunter Backpack – dark          [Noche] – SkinnyJeansV1 No.5 – TMP     [Deadwool] Patmos boots – black

Mens Only Monthly – Guilty as Charged

With all the fantastic offerings from the creative designers at this months Mens Only Monthly. I am finding it increasingly harder to stay within the even higher attachment limits of the new Firestorm and keeping my inventory trimmed to around 50,000. I have been called a hair diva (over 250 in black mesh alone) and to that I say “Guilty as Charged”

guilty finalToday’s Styling ,Locations, and Props :

Mens Only Monthly     *~*Damselfly*~*Rafe      :::LP::: Hinata Ninja Hoody     [Noche] – SkinnyJeansV1 No.5 – TMP     [Deadwool] Klaus shoes (male) – black      Clemmm – Skelly Hands /// Full B&W     Intrigue Co. – Most Wanted: Excessive Attachments & Free Mugshot Prop     [ free bird ] Real Thought Bubble – Naughty Thoughts

Mens Only Monthly – The Mechanic

tool full finalHis hands weren’t smooth nor was his touch gentle.Yet it was his firm callused grip she desired on her chassis. He knew every curve of her smooth body lines, and whenever he bent over her she knew he would have her purring like no one else could. His was the look she craved,a longing to have him under her hood. A master of his craft able to tell just what she needed with but a mere sound from her. She was all his and he was all hers … he was her Mechanic.

tool top finalStyling & Places Top to Bottom:

NO.MATCH_NO.PAST B .     = REBELLION = “LUMEN” SHADES     Unorthodox Vicious (2) (B) Facial Hair     **RE** ReVoX Unleashed Necklace Male      [UrbnW. Bracelet] Vallour Stacked – Black      [CX] Skull Ring (Black)      *Bolson – Frahm     [AB] Plumber Jeans S Charcoal     [ h ] Engineer Boots – Men – Black     Mens Only Monthly

MoM – Welcome To Malboro Country

top finalThis months Mens Only Monthly brings us back to a time when men were are as rugged as the land they rode on. They worked hard and they played hard. And when life (or some other cow poke) knocked them down they dusted themselves off  and and got right back in the saddle.  A hats off salute to all you hard working folks and if you see me out on the plains I will give you a warm Howdy and say “Welcome to Malboro Country” .

malboro full finalToday’s Styling Top to Bottom from MoM :

Meva Cowboyhat     Meva Mens September Collar + Necklace     MINIMAL – Barrow Bracelet – SECRETRARE     7mad;Ravens FIT 1Dean- Destroyed- Jeans     [CX] Skull Ring (Black)     Bolson – Frahm

Props and Places :

[NikotiN] Classic Cigarette – Nextgen     Rodeo Arena      Mens Only Monthly

The Waiting

waiting full finalSome People say The Waiting is the Hardest Part , I disagree . The hardest part is deciding what event to start at, and which store to start at.This past year designers have brought their A game, and we have seen them at the time tested events and also at some new and up and coming ones. I can’t wait to see what new and innovative things they have in store for us this fall.

waiting top finalStyling Head to Toe :

Action Inkubator HAIR Jaxon     = REBELLION = “LUMEN” SHADES @ Mens Only Monthly (9/20)     PUNCH / Spiked Septum + Bridge Piercing @ Body Modification Expo     Unorthodox Fizz (A) Facial Hair     L&B Swear “Je Suis Charlie” Necklace – Men Free @ Body Modification Expo     ::GB::Quilted leather jacket (TMP) Black @ Kustom9     AITUI – Rocker Bracelet – Black @ Body Modification Expo     [ kunst ] – Magnus ring     [ kunst ] – Lucius ring     Dot-Be jeans with underpants @ SWANK     [MODA] SHELDEN WORK BOOT

waiting bottom final

Duke Nukem Forever

nuke finalIt’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all outta gum

Styling Top to Bottom

Beusy: Thorne Mesh Hair @ Gen Neutral    .:E.A.Studio:. Piercing Bare Code Silver @ Body Modification Expo     Unorthodox Vicious (B&C) Facial Hair     .:Angel of Metal:. Necklace Barbed Wire @ Body Modifcation Expo     [The Forge] Barbed Bracers @ Body Modification Expo     [The Forge] Body Armour, Black  rare store gacha     [The Forge] Diesel Mech Arms R     [The Forge] Reload, Ammo Belt (Black)     Meva Male Gloves unrigged left     E-Clipse Hermes Pants S  Black @ 24 Limited 2015     [LZbodies] – Alain Shape For TMP @ SWANK     Bolson– Tattoo Hort

Location & Props:

WarZone     Molotov Cocktail     [NikotiN] Classic Cigarette – Nextgen      Bubble Gum –  Sorry All Out !

The Last Dragon

last dragon stand finalHaving served in Ryūō personal  guard for centuries ドラゴン (Doragon) had seen more than his share of of killing. Now with his master and all his comrades slain, he succumbs to the realization that their time is at an end. It is the dawning of the age of man, and he is the Last Dragon ….

last dragon kneel finalStyling Head to Toe:

[INK] Hair___MENB ::Coal         [europa] Maelus horns BLOOD         PFC~Blood Crown       *katat0nik* (Red) Dragon       [CX] Soldered Armlets (Onyx)     AITUI – Buckled Bracelet     [BODY FACTORY] Dragon Necklace (Dark)     [BODY FACTORY] kizaru Bottom (Red)     [BODY FACTORY] Stark Leather Pants (Black)     [BODY FACTORY] Django Boots (Blk)  ::ZED:: MESH Wrath of Ryu Sword – Red          B*FLY Dragon Samuri Tattoo          [LZbodies] – Alain Shape     Unorthodox Fizz (A) Facial Hair

Events & Locations Used:

Swank Events     The Arcade     The Mens Dept     Sengoku Japan

The KegMeister

kegmeister  close finalHe has fought many a battle for your right to party, and is  a veteran of many a kegger and all night rave. The Kegmeister is ever vigilant making sure you hand is stamped or you paid for your wrist band. His shining medals and loaded guns show you he means business. If you see this triple bounce quarter master at your party be sure to show him the respect he has earned.

kegmeister  full finalOutfit :

Cap & Uniform Howl Black Rare , 4 chest medals & leg holster Howl Commons – ARCADE

Glasses GunShoot – REDGRAVE     Gunholster- Tabou Irresistable     Engineer Boots- Hoorenbeek

Props :

Surfboard and Pose- Le PoppyCockMOH6     Palm Tree Bar- NOMADMOH6  Beer Kegs- The Odd Eyed Cat

Savos The Summoner

summclose final“Savos Aran… that is my name” he had to remind himself , yet it seemed like forever since anyone called him that. Nowadays he went by many names sorcerer,wizard,metal alchemist, and summoner; Yes that was name he liked best “Summoner”. Once again he found himself alone in his eternal task of Good vs Evil, This time locked in battle with the Lich Xoph of Talevin. Why me he asked himself. why was I chosen? Was it Luck, Karma, or just some cruel Twist of Fate that had brought him here to this moment. Then the memories of that climactic day came flooding in like a torrent.

summ ann full finalIt had been almost 144 years to the day since he left his home on Erebos. Tired of life of farming and raising livestock he sold all he owned and headed to the the city of his dreams, the one he had heard so much of since childhood to make his fortune. The gambling river-town of Arcadia. It wasn’t long after he set foot ashore that he found himself in the Remarkable Oblivion dice house. He had been winning all night when the owner Sebastian Thorns bid Savos to accompany him into the back room.”You have cleaned me out” said Sebastian, “and that simply will not do”. “These two artifacts have been in my family longer than I can remember”. “They are yours in exchange for all you have won, and your vow never to return to this city again”.He looked down seeing the shimmer Orb of Warding and gleaming Staff of Elements for the first time, nodded in agreement took his bounty and left. And that is were his life changed forever….