He Waits for Her

sugar final 1All alone he waits for her, to feel her warm embrace. They play the game they always play, the one were they both win. Where once again he will taste her lips on his,  Lips like Sugar … Sugar Kisses. It’s a game we all want to play and this look will have her wanting a rematch.

sugar chest finalThis fantastic tank top from [Pumpkin] will have her hands all over your chest. It comes in your choice of black or white; and includes solid,netted, and sheer versions. This new release is available only at the Mens Only Monthly. Show her she has your heart with this detailed lock and key necklace from AITUI. She will spend hours tracing the outlines of the richly inked “Old Wylde” tattoo from *Bolson*. Round out the top half of this look with a dynamic duo from [Kunst], the sleek Apollo ring and sporty Helios watch both include multi-color options.grab yours  now at Uber.

sugar bottom final 1Finish out your look with these Rolled up denim pants from Gabriel,they come in 5 colors and options for belt and buckle color as well.Last but definitely not least don’t forget these brand new Taylers from FLite available in a multitude of color combinations and with a high or low option their release for this months Uber.Remember when it is time to play you have to bring your best game.


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