Blueberry Yoga Pants – Who Wore Them Best ?

whoworeitbest finalEver since the release of Blueberry – Sylvia pants they have been seen anywhere and everywhere on the grid. Women scrambling to get a hold of them. A few of us decided we were tired of all the women getting so many new releases while men get a mere 2 events a month, or some dusty shelve in the back corner of the store. We took things into our own hands and are here to say “WE CAN ROCK THEM TOO !”. Hey I work hard to keep these pixels in shape as I am sure most of you do as well. Here is your chance to stand up and be counted for.  Click the link and show your support (for B of course), and for all men tired of the same old thing day after day !

yoga6 finalFeatured head to toe:

DQ…Folded Dread  (ASHBLACK ) blue  bandana includes Hairbase

*HH* Mesh Male Over the Shoulder Towel Blue n Aqua M

Blueberry – Yoga Pants Sky

PBM [SweatBands]


-Endless Pain Tattoos- Lolly Pop vol. 2


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