No Sleep Till Brooklyn

No Sleep Till Brooklyn finalWhether its stick ball or just chilling with friends, heads will turn when they see you in these great clothes and highly detailed tattoo

Hairbase: Unorthodox Classic Hairbase 1
Hair: Unorthodox Classic Hair  w/ bang [M] (Wear)
Facial Hair: Unorthodox Fizz (A) Facial Hair [mod]
Body: TMP
Shorts:  ABEX – Continuum Shorts TMP Fitted Grey
Shoes: Flite. Yacht Shoes – White / Gray – Tmp Mens
Bacelets: [CX] Zip Up Bracelet L (Black)
Necklace: **RE** Arjen Necklace – Male
Glasses: * S O R G O – TETSUO / Dark (SG)
Tattoo: *Bolson* Sagmeister
The Genuine Article:


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